Disciplinary Measures on Serious Offence

Any act of the students that effects the administration and discipline of the college internally as well as externally will invite serious disciplinary measures according to the offence committed. When a student is found violating the rules inside or outside the college or persistent idleness or misconduct, the principal/director shall take action according to the nature and gravity of the offence; namely:

  1. Suspended such a student who do not attend classes for more than a week at a time or; expel such a student from the college or; disqualify such a student from taking examination, or any other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the college authority.
  2. The college authority shall give the student concerned, an opportunity for personal hearing and record the reasons of punishment in writing before the punishment is exercised.
  3. Authorities are not responsible for any attempt of students that threaten their own lives. The college Authority has the power to suspend a student temporarily from the college pending enquiry into his/her conduct in connection with any alleged offence. During this period when the student remains suspended for the completion of enquiry shall be reckoned keeping the calculation of his/her attendance for appearing in an examination provided he/she is found innocent.
  4. Students are not expected to communicate any written or oral information on college academics or administration to the press, public information, media or to any outsides.
  5. Participation in agitation, Political activities, unhealthy propaganda or any such activity prejudicial to the interest of the institution or otherwise is strictly prohibited and will attract disciplinary action.
  6. Ragging of any type is strictly prohibited and students with criminal record are not eligible for admission. Misbehavior and Misrepresentation can lead to dismissal of the student without any further consideration.
  7. Possessing or uses of mobile phones, pagers, radio, walk man etc. are strictly forbidden in the hostel, hospital and college campus. Students found guilty of carrying the above mentioned equipments will be punished. (a fine of Rs. 200/- each time)
  8. The Principal and the Management reserve the right to remove the name of the student from the rolls if he/she fails to pay the college/hostel due in time.
  9. The Management reserves the right to change any rule or provision given in the prospectus.