Eligibility for Admission to Examination:-

A candidate shall be eligible for the admission to the state Council/Board examination or university examination if the Principal of the school/college certifies that:

  1. She/he has completed not less than eleven months of the course.
  2. She/he has attended 75% of the formal instructions given on each subject and 100% of the clinical field experience in each area/subject separately during the academic year; however, the total clinical/field experience prescribed must be completed before the final council/Board /university examinations and before the issue of diploma/degree.
    (The diploma/degree shall not be awarded to the student till she/he has completed the clinical/field requirements.)
  3. The overall performance of the student and her/his conduct during the entire academic year shall be satisfactory.
  4. The student has passed in the internal assessment in each subject and practical(s).
  5. The record of practical experience is complete.
    (The principle shall send to the Council/board/university the internal assessment for each subject, i.e. both theory and practical (S) before the start of the examination along with the examination form).